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    AUDEUR 0.7048 0.7079
    AUDHKD 5.8055 5.8225
    AUDJPY 85.3010 85.5210
    AUDMYR 2.7799 3.0860
    AUDNZD 1.0518 1.0551
    AUDPHP 34.2340 37.3686
    AUDRMB 5.2573 5.3188
    AUDTWD 22.7661 24.2441
    AUDUSD 0.7480 0.7503
    NZDRMB 4.9945 5.0540
    NZDUSD 0.7094 0.7125

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  Transaction Rates   AUDCAD: 0.9847/0.9880 AUDEUR: 0.7048/0.7079 AUDGBP: 0.6203/0.6234 AUDJPY: 85.3010/85.5210 AUDRMB: 5.2573/5.3188 AUDUSD: 0.7480/0.7503 EURUSD: 1.0596/1.0646 NZDCAD: 0.9356/0.9389 NZDEUR: 0.6695/0.6727 NZDGBP: 0.5892/0.5924 NZDRMB: 4.9945/5.0540 NZDUSD: 0.7094/0.7125 USDRMB: 7.0347/7.1092  More Rates ...    Rate Alarm   No time to track rate movement? Setup your Automatic Rate Email Alarm

Everforex is committed to providing more prefessional and cost effective foreign exchange services to customers by integrating advanced business practices and leading-edge Internet-based technologies.

is a purely web-based online foreign exchange platform that enables you to "click" your foreign exchange transaction in your own office against the up-to-second and low-spread rates!

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